Using running, strength training, yoga, and mindfulness, we help you reach your goals and thrive in a world filled with many challenges, including health, fitness, and everyday stress.

Given its significance in my journey towards a healthy, fit, and yogic lifestyle, running holds a special place.

We offer a range of services, including:

  1. Run Coaching: Whether you’re an experienced marathoner or a beginner, Charmaine’s expertise and personalized approach will help you achieve your running goals.
  2. Personal Training & Weightlifting: Tailored to enhance functional fitness by building strength, power, and balance, crucial for injury prevention and overall muscle and bone health.
  3. Yoga Sessions: These sessions bolster the mind-body-spirit connection, promoting flexibility and inner strength.
  4. Mindfulness Training: We provide resilience-building techniques to handle life challenges with composure.
  5. Lifestyle Coaching: Comprehensive guidance to achieve holistic health and a balanced, fulfilling life.

TRIBE “as a sense of belonging” is essential for us to survive and thrive. We aspire to build a community of lasting relationships with each person who connects with us. Y’all are WELCOME!

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  • Our vision: Building tribe and embodying the survive and thrive paradigm utilizing Yoga, Mindfulness, Ayurveda and Running Coach services.
  • Our mission: To provide a safe space where you can feel supported on your journey of transformation and enjoy the community of our group.
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