Charmaine on running trail


How many times have you searched online for upcoming run races, only to find that the best ones are already sold out? Recently that’s been me. Nevertheless, I am always surprised by how quickly the races fill. Sometimes I fail to schedule events because I don’t know what will happen in my life in six […]

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Running Adventure

What constitutes a running adventure? We can describe an adventure as a quest, journey, exploration, undertaking, an exciting activity! Doesn’t that making you want to jump right in and plan such a thing immediately? Running embodies all the things described previously as “adventure.” Running is always a quest, journey, or exploration. Running a race or […]

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Why you need a Coach?

Many runners start out by picking a generic running plan from a running magazine or the internet and proceed to self-coach. The best path to success is with the focused guidance of an accomplished coach.

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