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J Kopp > Running with Charmaine has been a life changing experience for my teenager. What an amazing coach and wonderful human. Very highly recommend her if you want to motivate, train kids to run long distances.

Suzanne A > Charmaine embodies everything you’d ever want in a yoga instructor. She introduced me to yoga ten years ago and helped me to develop from the beginner to advanced poses. She has a specific eye for form and encourages you to challenge yourself. Her classes are perfect for strengthening the body, lowering stress, and focusing on the breath in a way that promotes well-being. On top of being a devoted instructor, Charmaine has the kindest heart and a giving spirit. You will love her!

Pat M. > Love this yoga class. Charmaine is a very experienced yoga instructor and this class has improved my health tremendously.

E.C. Ikejimba > Charmaine is a brilliant instructor. I love taking her Forrest classes because of her clear instructions and supportive demeanor!

Gerhard V > A private setting where yogis hang out, get a great workout and let go of your daily pressures… Love this place..

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