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The more you run, the more effortless it becomes. To remain injury-free, your running coach helps you to build your base intelligently, including strength, balance, and mobility training.

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Meet Charmaine

Charmaine is a credentialed, experienced health and fitness expert who collaborates with individuals across various sports disciplines, including endurance athletes. She emphasizes her approach: “I help athletes improve performance by building targeted strength, mobility, and power exercises into their endurance programs.” This work makes them more resilient and reduces their injury risk.
Charmaine’s ultra-running achievements include permanent numbers in races like Comrades and Two Oceans. She assures newcomers and seasoned athletes: “I understand the journey, and I’m here to support you.

Charmaine holds certifications from well-regarded USA-based fitness institutions like RRCA, USATF, and the National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM). Her background also extends to health education, yoga, and mindfulness teaching. She says, “My diverse training and extensive experience enable me to offer a holistic perspective on health and fitness.”

Additionally, Charmaine leverages her menopausal experience. She says, “I’ve been there,” which resonates well with active women aged mid-40 through 60 and beyond. She specializes in crafting tailored solutions for women navigating the peri- to postmenopausal stages. She adds, “I understand the unique challenges these hormonal changes bring.
Her strategic approach to training in the menopause phase incorporates strength training, plyometrics, high-intensity workouts, mobility exercises, and stress management to counter muscle and bone loss, improve flexibility, reduce stress, and address increased abdominal fat during this phase.

With Charmaine’s expert guidance and holistic approach, individuals can rediscover vitality and confidently pursue their goals while maintaining a balanced lifestyle.


I’ve always identified as a Runner!

Running has been my passion for over thirty years; it sets the perfect tone for my day. I’ve always had a knack for going the distance and completed my first ultra-marathon within a year of beginning my running journey. Since 1989, I’ve actively competed in marathons and ultra-distance events. I’m committed to sharing my extensive experience in distance running and coaching to help you achieve your endurance goals, whether completing your first 5k or conquering a 100-mile race. Feel free to explore my running history and personal records at this link.

Does a runner ever stop coming back?

Jim Ryan 1986

Why I added strength and jump training to my regime?

Charmaine’s shift from mostly running to weightlifting began after a bone density scan revealed osteopenia during menopause. She recognized that running alone wasn’t sufficient for bone health and embraced weightlifting to avoid medication. This decision improved her bone density and sparked her passion for weightlifting. She became a Certified Personal Trainer to help others maintain strength and fitness, particularly aging athletes. Charmaine’s story highlights how adapting your fitness routine to address health needs and interests can result in profound life changes.

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Our running coach uses the basic tenets of Lydiard’s periodized training system. This system builds stamina, strength, and speed towards peaking at the racing phase. Periodization ensures you hit your performance peaks at the right time. The training cycle starts with a long aerobic running phase to build endurance. Running at various paces to build stamina and lay the base for a solid race-day performance, run by overall time, not mileage. The training pace is aligned to your current fitness level and adjusted based on how you respond to training stimuli to optimize your fitness improvement.

To run to your full potential, you need to run a lot, while avoiding injury.

We sequence the plan to peak at a given race. And then hold that peak for a racing period before the condition subsides. This method has consistently prepared runners to arrive at the starting line well-prepared and ready to compete to their best at the Olympic competition level and runners targeting their first 5k.

Training Building Blocks

A macrocycle denotes an entire year or season of training and competition and consists of eight to twelve mesocycles consisting of four- to six-week blocks. These usually include a three-to-five-week period of progressive loading, followed by a week of lighter, active-recovery workouts. Each mesocycle typically focuses on a specific fitness goal, like endurance, strength, speed.

  • Aerobic development is vital to athletic performance and the foundation of all event-specific training.
  • Training programs are adjusted by how your body responds to the training.
  • Feeling-Based training, learning to accurately interpret the language of your physiology.
  • Training builds sequentially from the general conditioning low intensity and high volume phase to the high intensity and low volume of specific event skills.
  • In competition, timing is everything. The ability to peak at the right time depends on directing the various rhythms of adaptions towards your goal.

Private online Running Coach

Do you want to run your first 5k, improve a PR, podium your next race, or complete an ultra-marathon? Perhaps qualify for Boston or bypass the lottery to get guaranteed entry into races like New York or Berlin with a qualifying “fast runner” time? Charmaine specializes in helping committed runners achieve the results they want with personalized, expert coaching.


  1. Choose a single customized training plan or ongoing month-to-month private coaching.
  2. You can sign up for an individualized training plan for a single event, or
  3. opt for a periodized training schedule created specifically for your racing goals for the season. With the right program and your commitment to the training you can succeed in achieving your objectives!

Here’s what you get:

  • Customized training blocks adjusted to your needs and focused on the results you want.
  • Comprehensive feedback from an experienced, certified running coach
  • Individualized schedule adjustments
  • Active warm-up training and form drills
  • Supplemental strength and flexibility exercises
  • Mental focus techniques, maintaining discipline and motivation, pep talks.
  • Information on fueling for performance.
  • Mentoring – ask all your training and racing questions.
We offer month-to-month online training with unlimited communication  (through email, text, or online platform) and unlimited changes to your training plan.  We design all training plans specifically for you based on your goals, fitness levels, and how you progress throughout the plan.  
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The rewards of running, as in life, come only in direct proportion to the amount of effort I’m prepared to exert and the extent to which I can summon the required discipline and application.

Tim Noakes