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Why you need a Coach?

Many runners start out by picking a generic running plan from a running magazine or the internet and proceed to self-coach. The best path to success is with the focused guidance of an accomplished coach.

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Mindfulness for Athletes

We had the pleasure of talking with the Fort Bend Fit marathon training group about mindfulness for athletes, stretching, and how awareness can be used to improve performance. What is mindfulness for athletes Body awareness, or the ability to sense the body’s posture, joint and muscle movement, even state of mind – is essential for injury-free […]

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Why should an Athlete do Yoga?

Voet van Afrika You love your sport but sometimes your body just doesn’t move as smoothly as you’d like. Coupled with body stiffness, labored breathing and low energy. Maybe you’re just unfit. So you train harder. However, just as your endurance improves you pick up an injury. Consequently, you must back off training to recover. […]

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