About Us

Life’s a Gift is not your typical run-of-the-mill yoga studio.  If all you want is a workout then yes you will get that. ON THE OTHER HAND, we really want so much more for you!

We offer small, intimate classes because we value yoga as a relationship between teacher and student, and strive to build a feeling of togetherness. We want to help you to push the limits of what’s possible, starting on your mat and spilling over into your life and the world.

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I am truly grateful for all the reviews and feedback received from students over the years. They confirm that the work I do is fulfilling my dharma (life purpose), and they energize me to be more. Y’all are awesome!

  • I’ve had the immense pleasure of taking Forrest Yoga classes from Charmaine for the last 6-7 months. Today, I observed her class for teacher training and learned so much from Charmaine’s fluid and strong instruction techniques. I’ve never had a teacher who was so clear in her instruction that I could close my eyes and imagine the pose without first seeing it. She truly meets the needs of her students and is ever watchful of alignments and modifications. I can only hope to become this type of instructor as I continue in my Yoga journey! Thank you Charmaine! Elizabeth P.

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Work Trade

At Life’s a Gift we offer students the opportunity to trade in their energy and skills for yoga classes. We look for friendly, hard-working and enthusiastic individuals who would be proud to be a representative of Life’s a gift.

Our work trades work a set number of hours a week offering services such as administration, cleaning, sales, and miscellaneous other tasks and projects as they crop up week to week. This could include creating signs for the studio, working on the website, or a project of your own creation as a way to share your unique gifts with the community.

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