I am truly grateful for all the reviews and feedback received from students over the years. They confirm that the work I do is fulfilling my dharma (life purpose), and they energize me to be more. Y’all are awesome! Here’s a few testimonials:

I’ve had the immense pleasure of taking Forrest Yoga classes from Charmaine for the last 6-7 months. Today, I observed her class for teacher training and learned so much from Charmaine’s fluid and strong instruction techniques. I’ve never had a teacher who was so clear in her instruction that I could close my eyes and imagine the pose without first seeing it. She truly meets the needs of her students and is ever watchful of alignments and modifications. I can only hope to become this type of instructor as I continue in my Yoga journey! Thank you Charmaine! Elizabeth P.

Charmaine is an excellent yoga instructor. She pays special attention to each student working closely to make appropriate modifications for the student’s level and at the same time challenging each to grow in their practice and get stronger. Charmaine is incredibly knowledgeable and shares to educate each student to build a strong yoga foundation and an understanding of the benefits of each pose. She also has a wicked sense of humor which is also a must for any great yoga instructor. Lurlean H.

How have I benefited from yoga, in particular your lessons and method? The lessons have given me ‘me’ time. During my yoga lessons I have been able to concentrate on just me, both physically and mentally. As a result, I am more flexible and feel better physically overall. Mentally the lessons have given me more stability to face the hectic lifestyle that comes with raising a family. Also, it has changed the way I consider the people and the world around me. Your small classes and intimate, personal method of teaching have given me a comfortable environment in which to feel confident in exploring and expanding my boundaries. Your warm and engaging personality has attracted a crowd of people that I feel proud to be a part of. Sally L.

Thank you for the wise words on commitment, I struggle with self-discipline and tend to let everything else get in the way of what I know is best for me. Shari

The class last night was awesome, I really enjoyed it, it was EXCELLENT! I can’t believe next week will be our last week till July. I’m going to miss my Amphora Classes so much!!! Nuria C.

I really enjoy that fact that we do different poses each session; it has helped my back and flexibility. Thanks! Patrice S.

What a fantastic class! How lucky we are to have this opportunity to attend a free class with an instructor of such expertise. Thank you for your generosity and patience! I really enjoyed the class. Sandy S.

I hope you have a great Thanksgiving week. I love Thanksgiving. At least it is a time when people have to think about “giving thanks”. I want to thank you for giving me yoga. I did not know I would enjoy it as much as I do and you are a big part of my satisfaction. Thanks for being part of my life. – Marie G.

Charmaine is a gifted instructor with amazing technique. Love her classes! E.P

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