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Welcome to our online fitness support services!

We specialize in personalized online running programs and coaching, functional strength and conditioning programming, and incorporating strength training into your endurance routine.

Most athletes thrive on the virtual coach model. It offers the flexibility of remote coaching, allowing clients train at their convenience while still receiving personalized guidance and support.

Here’s how we’ll help you crush your goals:

    1. Tailored Programs: Our training plans are designed specifically for you, matching your fitness level, goals, and schedule. Whether you’re an endurance runner seeking performance enhancement or want to balance running with strength training, we have a plan for you.
    2. Expert Coaching: Partner with an experienced coach who understands your needs and guides you every step of the way. Receive personalized feedback and support to keep you motivated and on track.
    3. Functional Strength Training: Boost your overall fitness with targeted strength and conditioning exercises that enhance your performance in running and other activities.
    4. Flexibility and Adaptability: Adjust your workouts to suit your lifestyle and progress. Our plans offer flexibility and can adapt to your evolving goals.
    5. Community Support: Connect with a community of like-minded individuals on the same fitness journey. Share tips, experiences, and motivation to stay inspired.
    6. Access Anytime, Anywhere: Train on your schedule with our online services, available wherever you are. We’re here to help you succeed, no matter your location.

Let’s work together to achieve your fitness goals and elevate your performance.

Choose from our tailored monthly training options:

  1. Standard Online Runner Package
  2. 12-Week Online Functional Strength & Conditioning Program
  3. 1-on-1 Online Strength Training Package
  4. Online Hybrid Training for Runners & Strength Athletes
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Elevate your running journey with Coach Charmaine, a seasoned runner and certified coach offering personalized online fitness support. Whether you want to conquer your first 5k, set a personal record, tackle an ultra-marathon, or embark on a running journey as a mid-lifer, our tailored support helps you reach your goals faster and stronger.

Begin with an assessment of your fitness and running objectives. You’ll receive a personalized training plan with regular check-ins and adjustments. We integrate basic strength and flexibility to boost performance, minimize injuries, and build confidence.


The Standard Online Runner Package offers unmatched value and comprehensive support. This packages caters to athletes with specific race goals across any distance, including marathoners, half-marathoners, trail runners, and those seeking long-term support or multiple goals.

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Sign up today for personalized coaching, expert guidance, and flexible scheduling that fits your busy life. Your success starts now!

Our Training Philosophy

Our running coach utilizes the foundational principles of Lydiard’s periodized training system, designed to build stamina, strength, and speed for peak performance during the racing phase. Periodization ensures you reach your optimal performance at the right time. The training cycle begins with a long aerobic phase, which includes running at varying paces to build endurance, stamina, and a solid base for race-day performance. The training is tailored to your current fitness level, with adjustments made based on your response to training stimuli to maximize fitness gains.

Training Building Blocks:

    • Training follows a structured progression from general conditioning, emphasizing low intensity and high volume, to higher intensity and lower volume specific to event skills.
    • Timing is crucial for competition success; directing adaptations toward your goal helps you peak at the right time.
    • Each mesocycle typically lasts four to six weeks and includes progressive loading for three to five weeks, followed by a lighter, active recovery week.
    • Adjusting training plans based on how your body responds ensures you maximize progress and stay on track with your goals.

Goal Evaluation and Assessment

Let’s begin by learning more about you. We’ll use an online form to:

    • Evaluate your current fitness level.
    • Discuss and establish your fitness goals.
    • Understand your running journey and review past injuries.
    • Review key areas like nutrition, hydration, gear, and shoes.
    • Discuss your training availability and energy levels.
    • Examine how strength and cross-training can enhance your running.
    • Identify ways to make your training enjoyable.


Want to seamlessly blend strength training into your running routine or add running to your strength program without the hassle of scheduling conflicts? Not sure when to lift and when to run?

Eliminate Guesswork: Say goodbye to conflicting schedules and uncertainty. Achieve tangible results with our Integrated Training Package. Discover a streamlined path to peak performance with our Hybrid Program.

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Our Functional Strength and Conditioning program enhances physical and mental well-being, helping you move and function at your best as you age. Each session focuses on strength and essential movement techniques, revitalizing you physically and mentally.

Tailored Training for Life’s Challenges: We prepare you for everyday challenges, whether completing daily tasks or embarking on adventures like traveling, spending time with loved ones, or exploring the outdoors. Our program equips you with the skills and fitness to handle life’s demands.

Personalized Fitness Goals: With our support, you can achieve your fitness goals by building muscle, increasing strength and improving balance and coordination. Whether you’re a beginner or have experience, our personalized approach caters to your unique needs and goals. Let us guide you toward a healthier, stronger you!


Important Policies Regarding Session Attendance and Package Freezes

If you experience an injury or medical condition, the package can be frozen for up to one month at no extra charge. For other training freezes or cancellations, please provide two weeks’ notice.

Understanding that unforeseen circumstances can arise, we kindly request your cooperation in starting sessions on time. This ensures that everyone can receive the full benefit of their scheduled time. If you arrive late, please know that we’ll still conclude the session at the designated time to respect everyone’s schedules. Thank you for your understanding and cooperation.

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What is Functional Lifting?

Functional lifting is a dynamic approach to strength training that mirrors real-life movements, enhancing overall functional strength, range of movement, coordination, and stability. Unlike conventional weightlifting, which often isolates muscle groups, functional lifting simultaneously engages multiple muscles through exercises like squats, deadlifts, and kettlebell swings. This approach enhances everyday tasks and sports performance by targeting movements such as pushing, pulling, and lifting.

The importance of Recovery, Mobility & Flexibility

Integrate a mobility and flexibility routine, such as yoga, and low-intensity activities, such as walking, cycling, or swimming, into your active recovery days. This combination supports maintaining a full range of motion, preventing injuries, and optimizing recovery from intense workouts, such as heavy lifting and sprints.

Does Functional Lifting build muscle?

Yes. Functional lifting can lead to muscle hypertrophy with sufficient intensity and volume. This means lifting challenging weights (intensity) and doing enough sets and reps (volume) to stimulate muscle growth effectively. Hypertrophy gains typically involve lifting weights at around 75-85% of your one-rep maximum for 6-12 reps per set across multiple sets.

What equipment do I need?

For loading, you can use any weight-bearing equipment, such as barbells, plates, dumbbells, kettlebells, medicine balls, sandbags, or a combination of these options. You will also need a bench or box (or a sturdy chair), a pull-up bar, and resistance bands. If you need help scaling an exercise to work with your equipment, we can help, so get in touch!

How do I get help?

Join our Facebook group and ask there, or email the coach

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