Running Background

Meet Charmaine

An enthusiastic distance runner for over three decades, Charmaine is dedicated to helping marathon, and ultra-marathon runners accomplish their best running performance. She has helped athletes achieve goals they never considered within reach, including sub-3-hour or other marathon time goals, qualifying for Boston, or running their first or best ultra-marathon. Dream Big, and with the right plan, commitment, and attitude, all is possible!

Charmaine also enjoys helping NEW runners, including youth, discover the joys of distance running. She believes that running makes us stronger physically and more flexible to life’s demands. Runners learn patience, discipline, mastery, staying power, self-confidence, and more.

Thoughts about running

Charmaine firmly believes everyone can achieve their dreams with a good plan, strong commitment, and a positive attitude. She loves introducing newcomers, especially young people, to the joys of long-distance running. In her view, running strengthens us physically and mentally and helps us handle life’s challenges better. She says, “Through running, we learn important life skills like patience, discipline, resilience, and self-confidence, and we grow with every step we take.”

Why Running?

“Running has brought incredible fulfillment to my life,” she shares enthusiastically. “It’s a refreshing and energizing activity that sets a positive tone for the entire day. I deeply appreciate the outdoors, connecting with nature, and embracing all types of weather. My mission is to share this joy of running through coaching.” With diverse certifications in run coaching, personal training, yoga, mindfulness, and healthy living, Charmaine integrates her passion for fitness, endurance sports, and health into her coaching approach.

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Comrades elevation profile
Comrades Marathon South Africa, 89km Profile


Why I coach?

I have always been a self-coached runner, studying everything I could find about running to develop my own (and others) training schedules. Designing running programs is (for me) an extension of training, providing boundless motivation and inspiration. I have since pursued multiple professional coaching certifications as more and more people ask for help to prepare for races.

COACHING METHOD: We apply a comprehensive approach to training. Our goal is to improve performance, develop body awareness, strength and flexibility, improve concentration and increase endurance. I am passionate about helping athletes of all levels achieve their dream goals. Including runners wanting to complete a first 5k race or marathon and competitive athletes wanting to PR or run a Boston qualifier or ultra-marathon. Road race or trails. You’ll get a customized, goal-specific training program, ongoing support, motivation, and inspiration.