Streamline your Performance

Looking to seamlessly integrate strength training into your running routine or add running to your strength program without the hassle of scheduling conflicts?

Discover the effectiveness of our Online Hybrid Training Package, where every step and lift is optimized to support your journey toward peak performance and injury prevention.

Monthly Fee: Usually priced at $409, you can start today for just $379 – that’s a $30 savings!

Here’s what you get:

  • Personalized Plans: We assess your fitness level and goals to create a plan incorporating running and strength training into your schedule.
  • Optimized Sessions: Experience workouts designed to enhance performance and reduce injury risk.
  • Efficiency: Whether you’re a runner seeking strength or a strength enthusiast aiming to improve your running efficiency, our tailored approach ensures efficient goal achievement.
  • Eliminate Guesswork: Say goodbye to conflicting schedules and welcome tangible results with our Integrated Training Package.

Discover a streamlined path to peak performance with our Integrated Program.

Important Policies Regarding Package Freezes

If you experience an injury or medical condition, the package can be frozen for up to one month at no extra charge. For other training freezes or cancellations, please provide two weeks’ notice.

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