12-Week Package

This 12-week self-guided online functional strength and conditioning program is ideal for those with some experience who enjoy independent training and are looking for a more budget-friendly option.

  • A comprehensive three-month training program designed for home and gym use, offering flexibility and convenience. 
  • You’ll receive customized exercise scaling options tailored to your goals and available equipment.
  • It’s divided into two six-week phases for consistent progress and long-lasting results.

This program offers exceptional value starting at $190 per month, including 3-4 sessions per week (12-16 sessions per month) and access to our coach for workout scaling. *

Important Policies Regarding Package Freezes

If you experience an injury or medical condition, the package can be frozen for up to one month at no extra charge. For other training freezes or cancellations, please provide two weeks’ notice

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