Why you need a Coach?

Many beginner runners start out by picking a generic running plan from a running magazine or the internet and proceed to self-coach. If you’re lucky (and smart), you find a club with many seasoned runners happy to share their lifetime of running experience with you.

Initially, you manage pretty well, or at least as well as everyone else around you. One of the things you soon learn is that runners constantly complain about running-related niggles or injury and make excuses for under-performing in a race.

You see how many athletes are sidelined by injury and over-training, or fail to finish a race because they didn’t put in the appropriate work. After all, we need a good helping of discipline to stick to a schedule!

Running plans are limited, even for an experienced distance runner.

What do you struggle with in your Running?

Generic training plans will tell you how often to run, how far, and at what pace. They may even tell you how to warm up and do running drills. However, a stand-alone cookie-cutter plan doesn’t account for how your body responds to the training load, stress, and lifestyle. Plans can’t tell you when or how to cut back (or gear up). They don’t know how well you’re eating, hydrating, or sleeping.

Sometimes even when training seems to be going well, you can still fail to achieve your goal to break a PR or qualify for Boston. Indeed, we all benefit from having a running buddy, at least, to commiserate the struggles, seek advice, and celebrate our success.

Why not give yourself a better chance to Accomplish your Dream Running Goals?  

A running coach is a good idea for most of us!

Run Coaching is something that every committed athlete can access, not just the elite! Think of all the time and effort you’ll need to dedicate to your dream goal. Ideally, we all want to follow a plan, train without injuries, and be rewarded with running a good race. The best path to success is with the focused guidance of an accomplished coach. Ideally a coach with a history of successfully getting distance runners to hit their targets.

With a running coach, you get a training plan developed and adjusted in real-time specifically for your needs, and your current fitness. You get marathon-specific race tactics for your goals and fueling that works for your body. You get strategies to get you past/avoid injuries, training around your schedule, and more. This tips the odds in your favor and gives you the chance to perform at YOUR BEST.

Will an online Running Coach work for me?

YES! Not everyone has access to a local running coach, whether through limited availability or the athlete having a demanding schedule. Online Coaching works well for many people because it gives you the same coach access and feedback. Your coach can customize your training based on your progression and anything else that comes up that impacts your program. Additionally, you might find it easier to find the right coach for you!

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