Why do live-online Yoga classes?

While it’s not the same as practicing in a studio in person, it’s close. We can see each other onscreen, and the class flow and instruction is as if we were all in the same room. This is different from the scripted, on-demand workout videos you can grab online!

Are you missing the group energy of an in-person yoga class? Live-streaming allows you to be a part of something that is happening now, from the convenience and privacy of your home. Set up your practice area with your yoga mat and props – a block, strap, blanket – choose your own music, light a candle, and get ready to tune in on your iPad, laptop, smartphone, or smart TV. If groups are not your thing, then you can turn off your video and practice with us in private.

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Online Yoga & Mindfulness classes

Join Charmaine for online yoga and mindfulness classes on Zoom. Nourish your body and nurture your spirit while connecting with others. Contact us for details and to receive notice of upcoming classes. Schedule may change.

You can purchase your class pass online using either PayPal, or ZELLE. (With Zelle, you can send money to people you know through your banking app, or the Zelle app)

1. Ongoing weekly Yoga classes Live on Zoom

Get in touch about upcoming classes

  • Tuesdays at 11 am, CDT
  • Thursdays at 6 pm, CDT
  • Saturdays 11 am, CDT

Online yoga and mindfulness classes have become enormously helpful in lowering stress and anxiety.

To join a Live Zoom class please sign up and prepay for the class. All course registrants will be provided with a link to your specific Zoom classroom in an email prior to the beginning of the class. Scroll down for instructions on how to join a class on Zoom.

On-Demand: Yoga when you need it!

All students registered for live-streamed classes will have access to 24-hour replays. We are building a select library of on-demand yoga videos, some of which will be available free on YouTube to support your well-being. Enjoy!

Private & Corporate Yoga Live Online

Private Sessions provide you with individualized attention. The sessions are designed to assist you in overcoming challenges in your body-mind by creating a yoga routine customized for your specific wants and needs.

2. Everyday Mindfulness – 6-weekly Classes

A 6-week Mindfulness Basics course

In this Everyday Mindfulness course you will learn how to reduce stress and feel happier by:

  1. Changing your relationship with your body, mind, and emotions
  2. Being more present and connected with yourself and others
  3. Live your life with more clarity, balance, and joy

Preregistration is required.

3. Mindfulness-based Stress Reduction – 8-week course

This 8-week Live-Online Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction (MBSR) course is designed to teach you how to apply mindfulness in everyday life and to the range of challenges caused by medical and psychological conditions and life stresses.

You will learn how to become more resilient to stressful events and bring more ease and balance into your life. Learn how to cope with chronic pain and discover how your perceptions can cause unnecessary suffering and how to change that. Feel more connected to yourself and others and discover renewed get-up-and-go and the joy of living.

Please note: Attendance at one of our online orientation sessions is required to participate in the 8-week MBSR course. These orientation sessions are free and open to everyone.

Orientation dates:

Joining a class on Zoom

Zoom is an online platform that allows groups of people to video conference; participants can see one another, talk, and even share their screens to collaborate. Here is a 1-minute YouTube Video for a quick instruction on how to join a Zoom meeting, if this is new for you.

All course registrants will be provided with a link to your specific Zoom classroom in an email prior to the beginning of the course. You don’t need a Zoom account to join the orientation nor do you need to pre-install the app. Simply click on the link a few minutes before the meeting is scheduled