Athletes Training beyond Menopause

WELCOME all athletes training beyond menopause!

This group is for athletes approaching or in menopause who want to remain fit and strong in sports.
You ARE an athlete if you exercise purposefully! How’s training feel these days? Are you struggling to train like you used to? Have you slowed down, gained weight, lost motivation, or found it hard to manage menopausal symptoms?

This community is for active women who want to connect, get the latest research, and celebrate their accomplishments. We want this to be a place for you to learn from each other and find community, so feel free to post questions and share ideas or products that have worked for you.

In this menopause for athletes group:

  • We share how to support hormonal health and manage nutrition, training, and recovery. Women are not small men! By working with our physiology, we can optimize our performance and well-being.
  • Female athletes talk about training, workouts, and challenges they face
  • You will find advice and support on training through and beyond menopause.
  • You also have the opportunity to ask questions and seek support from a coach who specializes in working with menopausal athletes.

I am not a medical doctor but a health and fitness professional who has invested time and energy studying and building knowledge to help, support, and advise athletic females to thrive in this time of their life—stoked that you are here!

Join our Menopause for Athletes group, Meno Fit, on Facebook.

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