Yoga for Beginners

 Yoga for Beginners – A Workshop & Series Introduction to Yoga [3]

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Discover yoga in a fun way in an intimate and supported environment during this 6-week Yoga for Beginners workshop & Series.

We will explore the background of yoga, and learn and practice the fundamental postures, their modifications, and the use of props to create greater stability and openness. You will also learn breathing techniques, meditation and yoga etiquette. At the end of the course you will feel confident attending any mixed-level yoga class.

We kick off with a 2 ½ hour Yoga for Beginners workshop session followed by 5 mixed level classes where you will learn how to work on your level in any class.

 WHEN:   Saturday, May 5th –  2:00 – 4:30 pm   (time can be adjusted to suit group)

INVESTMENT:   $99 for all 6 classes. This includes the workshop plus a 5-class pack to be used for any regular class (to be used within 6 weeks from the workshop date)

→ Entries close on April 30 and payments must be received by this date.  

→ Sign up with a friend and you each get $5 off this event

Solo or bringing a friend?

(contact me if you prefer to pay by check)

This 6-week Yoga for Beginners workshop and series is offered at regular intervals throughout the year. SUBSCRIBE here or contact us to be notified.

SPECIAL OFFER: New clients registered for the full course are eligible for a 15% discount off Class Packages if you join before the end of the 6-week course. Your package will activate on the first day that you attend any regular class at the end of the series.



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