Yoga Workshops & Intensives

Explore Life’s a Gift’s selection of yoga classes and events below. Interested in hosting a workshop or multiple-class event with Charmaine? We’d love to hear from you! Our classes are perfect for all levels. Stay in the loop on new class releases by subscribing today!

Yoga for Beginners – A Workshop & Series Introduction to Yoga

Student in yoga pose

Discover yoga in a fun way in an intimate and supported environment during this 6-week Yoga for Beginner Series.

We will explore the background of yoga, and learn and practice the fundamental postures, their modifications, and the use of props to create greater stability and openness. You will also learn breathing techniques, meditation and yoga etiquette. At the end of the course you will feel confident attending any mixed-level yoga class.


We kick off with a 2.5-hour Yoga for Beginners workshop followed by 5 mixed level classes where you will learn how to work on your level in any class.

Yoga for Triathletes


In this class we focus on using Forrest Yoga to improve functional strength and flexibility, as well as posture and breath, specifically for runners, cyclists, and swimmers!

If you are overly tight in specific parts you are obstructing muscle groups that are essential to optimal functioning. Muscles with a good range of motion are capable of applying more force than muscles that don’t. Tightness in the core/torso, hips, and legs restrict not only efficient technique and good aerodynamics but also impairs your ability to breathe efficiently, and consequently impeding endurance.

Workshops & Intensives

Yoga Nidra is a 90-minute class. All workshops and intensives are 2-hours and prices vary between $30-40. Classes conducted by certified Yoga teacher, Charmaine van Niekerk.

Experience Yoga Nidra for Deep Relaxation & Stress Relief

Yoga Nidra is a state of mind between wakefulness and dream state that opens deep phases of the mind. The practice includes eight stages: Internalization, Sankalpa (heart-felt resolve/vow), Rotation of Consciousness, Breath Awareness, Manifestation of Opposites, Creative Visualization, Sankalpa (repeated), and Externalization.

Savasana relaxation pose therapy

We start with a gentle asana practice and then come into Savasana for 40-50 minutes for a guided practice of Yoga Nidra.

Please reserve and pay in advance for this 90-minute class. You need a blanket, a small pillow and an eye pillow. We have eye-pillows with removable/washable covers for sale at $9:00.

Create Freedom & Strength in the Upper Back, Shoulders & Neck

In this Forrest yoga class, you’ll work to strip away the layers of emotional and physical blocks held in the neck, shoulders, and upper back. You will learn how to let go of these habitual tension spots that show up as tightness and restriction in your neck, shoulders, and jaw, using the breath in conjunction with unique asana that creates freedom and strength these areas.

This Forrest Yoga workshop teaches us to honor and celebrate ourselves exactly as we are in our life, body, and practice. The intent is to bring forth tools to heal, strengthen, and awaken to the magic within our own mystery that helps you walk through life with grace and freedom.


This class includes inversions, standing poses, and vinyasa, and is heated to 85-degrees F. Suitable for all levels, including enthusiastic beginners.

Free your Heart – Open to Beauty

Experience the magic of heart-opening yoga asana. Learn how to remove obstructive shielding from your heart and make room for the gratitude that comes from seeing the beauty and sweetness in our world, nourishing your heart.

This Forrest Yoga Workshop uses breath and asana, including deep hip-opening and restorative backbends, to open your physical body and uncover the self-worth, courage, and compassion that is a part of who you are.

Delight in your Strength

Delight in your strength as you work through this hot and sweaty class, expanding the possibilities of what you can achieve in your life. This class includes sun salutations, standing poses, forearm balances, twists, and hip openers. Forrest Yoga teaches us to honor and celebrate ourselves exactly as we are in our lives, body, and practice. The intent is to bring forth tools to heal, strengthen, and to awaken the magic within.

Breaking Down the Vinyasa

Vinyasa yoga is a graceful yet powerful system of yoga which links movement to breath and poses flow from one to another. However, unconscious or misaligned movement can result in strain or injury

Explore the proper and safe alignment of the body for each of the poses making up the Vinyasa sequence – plank, low pushup, upward facing dog, and downward facing dog – and how to link these poses using Ujjayi breathing. 

You will discover how correct alignment of the body creates power and stability in the poses. Modifications will be shown for injury, building strength, and pregnancy.

This workshop is suitable for both beginners and experienced practitioners

Opening the Heart

Discover the magic of heart-opening yoga postures. Learn to remove shielding from your heart and make room for the gratitude that comes from seeing the beauty in our lives that nourishes our heart.

This Forrest yoga workshop will help you to begin to release years and years of tension held in the neck, shoulders and hips, using breath and movement, including deep hip opening and healing backbends, to open up your physical body and unshield your heart.

Classes conducted certified Yoga teacher, Charmaine van Niekerk, at Life’s a Gift Yoga Studio, Sugar Land TX.