Half-day Mindfulness Workshop

Minfulness Workshop
Getting started with Mindfulness https://lifesagift.me/events/mindfulness-workshop/

This workshop is an introduction to Mindfulness and a way to get started with your mindfulness practice, especially if you are unable to attend the 8-week course at this time.  Mindfulness takes practice and is most skillfully developed through in-depth support and instruction.  We encourage you to advance your practice after this workshop by participating in the 8-week MBSR course.

What can participants expect to learn?

This Classes include guided instruction, meditation practice, group discussion, walking meditation, presentation of research on the mental and physical health benefits, dealing with challenging emotions and thoughts, dealing with physical pain, mindful eating, at home guided meditations, and home practices.

What benefits can you expect?

Build stress resilience and a deeper sense of well-being, while decreasing distress related to pain, anxiety, and depression

Transform your commute, interactions at work, parenting skills, and your relationship with food

Improve physical health, concentration and decision-making