Mindfulness Retreat

mindfulness course


This all-day Mindfulness retreat is open to people of all levels including beginners and experienced meditators. You may think this  as a gift to yourself, an opportunity to support and rejuvenate your mindfulness practice.

The retreat is silent, which allows us to improve our concentration and awareness, and can help strengthen our practice. There will be time during the last hour of the retreat to discuss our experiences and learn from one another.

The All-Day class is an intensive 6-hour session of mindfulness practices meant to help participants establish the use of mindfulness skills across a variety of situations in their lives. We will practice sitting, lying down, walking, and loving-kindness meditations, and also yoga-based stretching. One of the walking meditations will be outdoors. We guide all the mindfulness practices.

Preparation & what to bring

  • Please plan to arrive no later than 9:45 am to allow time to get settled
  • Wear loose, comfortable clothing in layers so that you can adjust to temperature fluctuations.
  • Bring your mats, cushions, blankets, or any other items to help in your practice – let me know if you have questions.
    • June 15th from 10 am – 4 pm

Cost for the Retreat:  is $85*

*NOTE: This retreat is included in the 8-week MBSR course, so current participants attend at no extra charge.

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