Delight your Spirit and find Meaning in your Life

Delight your Spirit and find Meaning in your Life – Presence is the Key

Everyday do one thing (at least) that excites your spirit and delights your heart. This is not optional. It’s a priority.

We were instructed thus by Ana Forrest during her yoga teacher training of 2007. It started me thinking about what really brings me pleasure. I remember during a break that day choosing to lie down on the grass and watch the clouds moving across the sky, enjoying the breeze and the sun on my skin. Now I take time to do that after a run and the feeling is a sense of relief! It does not take much to experience joy. What it takes is presence.

What wonderful, exciting thing am I going to do today?

When you awaken in the morning, before rushing off to your first task of the day, ask this question. Many you will be thinking, “I’m too busy”, and that much as you would love to find the time to do some fantastic thing there is just no time. You are already so busy, overwhelmed even, with responsibilities and an endless to-do list. So busy that you’ve forgotten what it feels like to breathe?

If this sounds like you then it’s time to take stock. Because, as important as all those things may be some of them will have to go in order to make space for doing something uplifting and inspiring and encouraging. Perhaps a little reorganization is all that is required is to free up some time to delight your spirit.

Make a list of the things that energize you, that make you feel good about life. Pick one to do each day and do it fully present. Exciting doesn’t have to mean sky-diving, it can be meeting a friend for a walk in the park.

Running is one of my greatest passions and I run most days. However when I’m distracted or see it as something I have to do and just want it done, it’s no longer a joy. I learned to add to my repertoire of scanning my body and breath whilst running, to also check where my mind it. Consequently I am reminded to be where I am, reminded to enjoy Mother Nature and to share a smile with others along my way on the path of life. So remember, PRESENCE is the key!

What wonderful thing will YOU do today to delight your heart? Share here and inspire others to make the time and share the joy.  


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