Mindfulness Basics

Mindfulness Basics is an 6-week experiential class designed to help us to become more mindful in all aspects of our life, including thoughts, feelings, and our relationship with others. This class is appropriate for anyone who wants to learn practical Mindfulness, or wants to refresh the fundamentals of their training.

Why is it vital essential to practice Mindfulness?

Most of the time we go through our days half awake. Or maybe only partially present to our experience and what is here, right now. Living this way can cause us to feel disconnected from ourselves and others. As a result, we might experience a general sense of unease, or unhappiness.

mindfulness basics
In Mindfulness Basics you will learn how to reduce stress and feel happier by:
  1. Changing your relationship with your body, mind, and emotions
  2. Being more present and connected with yourself and others
  3. Live your life with more clarity, balance, and joy

We provide participants with a safe and supportive environment. You will learn the basics of meditation and mindfulness practices through a step-by-step process.

Class Format

Six weekly 1.5-hour classes

Classes include guided meditation practice, group discussion, and instruction to deepen our understanding. You will also receive home practices and downloadable guided meditations



New Dates & Times TBA in 2019 – contact me to be notified


Six Wednesdays at 7:30 – 9:00 pm



Six Fridays at 11:00 – 12:30 pm


Life’s a Gift reserves the right to cancel a class or event for any reason which would make the event not feasible. Should Life’s a Gift cancel an event, we will offer registrants a full refund.

How is this class different than the Mindfulness-based Stress Reduction class?

The MBSR class meets for eight weekly 2.5 hour classes, and also includes a full-day retreat. MBSR is a more intensive training that includes many different Mindfulness practices, such as the Body Scan, Mindful Yoga, and sitting Meditation. It also has a specific educational and interactive component to it as it is geared towards handling stressful life situations better. The emphasis is very much on everyday life. MBSR requires a bigger time commitment that includes a daily homework practice of 45-60 min.