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Running is my first love. I have raced ultra-distance competitively since 1990, my main event the challenging Comrades Marathon (87km) in South Africa, considered one of the world’s top ultra-distance races. Going long has been my forte right from the outset as I ran my first ultra within a year of beginning running. I still love competing, however secondary to enjoying every minute on the road or preferably trail.

Comrades elevation profile
Comrades Marathon South Africa, 89km Profile


I have always been self-coached and studied everything I could find about running to develop my own (and others) training schedules. No doubt my race times would have improved had I been accountable to a coach, but in South Africa this was not as common as here in the U.S. Besides for me, designing programs was part of the fun and provided the motivation and inspiration to train.

Charmaine is committed to sharing her 35+ years of marathon and ultra-distance running experience and insights to help you achieve your fitness goals. Get in touch to get started!

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Lunch-time Yoga for Runners & Triathletes

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In this class we focus on using Yoga to improve functional strength and flexibility, as well as posture and breath, specifically for runners, cyclists, and swimmers!

If you are overly tight in specific parts you are obstructing muscle groups that are essential to optimal functioning. Muscles with a good range of motion are capable of applying more force than muscles that don’t. Tightness in the core/torso, hips, and legs restrict not only efficient technique and good aerodynamics, but also impairs your ability to breathe efficiently, and consequently impeding endurance.

You must preregister and pay in advance to attend. You can choose to purchase either a 5-class or 10-class package. Sign up here and purchase you classes here!