A Taste of Mindfulness

We invite you to pause a while and access resources deep inside yourself.

  • Take a moment to become aware of your surroundings. Now notice any physical sensations, thoughts, and the feelings.
    • Are you aware of sensations of tension, pain, warmth or numbness in the body?
    • Are you feeling bored, curious, excited, hopeful, nervous, or skeptical?
    • Can you hold whatever you find in your awareness without changing, eliminating, or getting lost in them?
    • Can you experience this moment just as it right now?
  • You have just tasted your personal ability to be mindful, and we invite you to cultivate it further through participation in our Mindfulness-Based programs


This is a 4-minute guided Mindfulness meditation to help bring you into the present moment. You may choose to do this anytime you feel stressed, disconnected, rushed. Anytime you need to reset. Enjoy!

Under construction!


Meditation on the Breath – A Guided Meditation (18-minutes)